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Mini chart in straight table will not accumulate


I have googled up and down to see if there are any solutions to this issue, but it seems like there isn't.

I have a straight table where I'd like to show YTD graph line, and I want it to be accumulated. And as all sales are positive numbers it's easy to see that the line always should go sideways or upwards.  But the build in "Full Accumulation" does not work in this case, and as far as I could find information it might have to do with me having one dimension for the straight table "Country", and another for the minichart "Month".

Adding many separate charts and just make them smaller without axis is a possible, but not good workaround as I lose quite a lot of the flexibility that is one of the mainthings about Qlikview. So I'm really hopeing to find a way of using an expression to do this.

Are there anyone out here that would know how to solve this, or is it not possible?

Kind regards


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Re: Mini chart in straight table will not accumulate

It's possible. You can use an AsOf table as explained in this document: Calculating rolling n-period totals, averages or other aggregations. You can find an example on Sheet1 of the attached qvw.

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