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Mouse over function for focussing (transparancy change)

Dear all,

Does any of you know if it is possible to link a mouse hover to transparency? I would like to create a focus on objects if you hover over a certain part of the screen.

For example, if we divided the screen in 4 blocks (upper left, upper right, bottom left and bottom right), and the mouse hovers over the bottom right, it would be nice if the other 3 blocks (ul, bl and ur) get a higher transparency level. The result is that there is a focus on the block on the bottom right.

I hope it is clear what I want.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Mouse over function for focussing (transparancy change)

I figured something closer but with many restrictions...

First it is on click only (Qlikview ActiveObjectMethod depends on this...)

Created a Macro sub (getid) to capture de ID of object,

and then used the fuction now to run getid (Trigger on variable change)

finally i created custom colors with expression...

but due Macros and the use of now only works in desktop and ie plugin...

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Re: Mouse over function for focussing (transparancy change)

Thank you for your response amd I'm sorry for my late response.

I will try your sugesstion this week when I have access to my laptop again (holiday). According to your description, it is not a common feature. But if your solution is close then it's fine for now. Maybe this feature will be added in the futher.

I will react after I tried your suggesting. Many thanks!

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