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Multiple Currencies

Hi Josh,

I am very new to QlikView and will be going through all of the training in a couple of weeks.  I am following behind an advanced QlikView user.  I have been in it for a couple of months now so between what is already developed and watching videos, I know enough to confuse myself.

We have a with several different charts for calculating and displaying various ROI results from which we are getting currency from different countries.

I want to be able to select a currency and have all of the charts update to that currency.  Is this possible?  Could you give me any direction?

I've tried a few of the things mentioned in this trail but I guess because I still don't know enough, I can't figure out how to create a button/text box that updates the expressions within the charts.

Please let me know what information would be beneficial to assist you in assisting me

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Multiple Currencies

Hi Dawn,

I branched your post because it is a new question.

Yes you can do this in QlikView.  Exactly how to you do it will depend on the specifics of your data.  This posting may help you:  Re: Currency Conversion, to multiple choices

If it doesn't then please post some sample data so I (or someone else on the Community) can help you with a solution that fits your specific data.



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