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Negative Values in Circular Gauge


Is it possible to move needle and fill-to-value in circular gauge anti-clockwise?

My Min is -1 and Max is 1

I want my needle and fill to show from 0 to -0.5 instead of regular visualization of -1 to -0.5 with the given min/max range

Is this possible?



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Re: Negative Values in Circular Gauge

I haven't succededd in this myself even though i have tried a couple of times. You can however reverse the order so that your negative becomes green (switch places of the coloring). That option can be fixed by a formula by using fabs when theres a negative.

If the range is -1 to 1 (-100% -- 100%) and the outcome is -0.98 which would indicate a "green" light, you can reverse it by checking if the outcome is lower than 0 and if so, add fabs() to switch it or multiply the positive value to a negative by multiplying with negative 1 (-1).

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