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Parent selections in TREE VIEW LISTBOX


I have created a field :  


in the script for having treeview in my Listbox.

I am getting the treeview in Listbox but selections are possible only on child i.e SC,my parent RM values are already getting greyed out without any selections made.

I want selections to happen on parent values also.

anyone has any solution for this?

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Parent selections in TREE VIEW LISTBOX

Hi Jatin,

The Tree View breaks up any field by a given delimiter. So given a Field named "Country" with States

"A1, A2, A3".

When we are working with the hierarchy in List box,it shows One dimensional fuctionality.Dat is why you are getting the result with one proper selection.

Thanks and regards

Kamal Naithani

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Re: Parent selections in TREE VIEW LISTBOX

To help this situation, I break the path field out into a seperate table.  Then you can have rows in that table to associate the high-level filters with the values in the first table.Heirarchy table.jpg

In addition, this thread may be helpful: http://community.qlik.com/thread/8385

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Re: Parent selections in TREE VIEW LISTBOX

There is another way - using defining Drill-down group and using that group in the ListBox.

Not as nice as TreeView, but selection works.

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