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Personalized bar chart with own score + anonimized scores of other records


As a new Qlikview (back-end) user I'm unsure how to solve the following issue.

Database setup

I have got a table wherein each record contains data of an individual organisation.Together the records form a set of organisations. For the sake of argument let's call these organisations (records) Adam, Bob, Carol, David and Eddie.

The table has several (mostly quantitative) variables. These provide useful data about Adam, Bob, Carol, David and Eddie. The table thus looks similar to this:

Adammale51$ 42.000
Bobmale43$ 50.000
Carolfemale44$ 60.000
Davidmale63$ 37.000
Eddiemale29$ 25.000

Business goal: desired bar charts

I want to send Adam, Bob, Carol, David and Eddie each a personalized report. The report should show a bar chart with sorted Income scores of all records. However, each personalized report should only show the name of the person the report is send too. E.g. Bob's report should have a bar graph showing all five Income scores, but he should only be able to identify his own score (50.000), preferably by a "Bob" text next to his bar.

Ideally, the bars (scores) of the other four records do not reveal names, but a different variable (such as either the Sex or Age fields).

Note that in the actual database, the number of records and variables is over tenfold more than in the example provided above.

My problem

I am not sure how to setup this report. I have tried the Reports loop-over-variable feature, but that just selects a subset of data (which is not my intention, I want to (partly) anonimize, not eliminate).

Your ideas on how to resolve this challenge would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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