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Picures in QV Report Header


I'm struggeling to get a Picture to print in a QV Report Header, a problem I cannot see discussed (at least not solved) anywhere.

Whatever Picture file format and size I try, the printed report comes out With no picure.

Can someone give some advice on this?

I've been using QV for 10 years, and the Report Editor has never been a favorite QV feature, but a customer requirement for a printable report With a logo on top of every page is now my requirement.

I'm using QV 11.2 SR5.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Picures in QV Report Header

Have you tried placing the picture in a text object and dragging the text object onto the Report?


Re: Picures in QV Report Header

Hi Frd

Use This Procedure
Toolbar->Select Report ->Add Your Report->

Report Editor-> Report Setting -> Choose -> Header /Footer

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Re: Picures in QV Report Header

Yes, I've tried that, but I will have to do that for every page.
Picture in report header should work, I'd say.

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Re: Picures in QV Report Header

This is what I do, but no Picture appears in either preview or print.

I think I've only managed to make this work once over the years, but I don't have Access to

this document at present...

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Re: Picures in QV Report Header

Hi  morten.brochs

because of header size too small there may be one of the reaon  it wont come i faced this some time ago because header is too small and my logo size is bigger . delete all the default image in the image list and keep only one and check

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Re: Picures in QV Report Header

Go to reports --> edit reports--->and at  left side you can see page settings-->check the Use appendix and introduction and also 1st page option -> set introduction  Height to 30%  all others to 0% -->add image by clicking + symbol at the right side..(zoom the page to 400% to adjust the position of image and adjust your logo at top.)

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