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Pie Chart Dimension Limits?

Dimension limits restrict which values are displayed, based off the first expression. In most charts, you could make the first dimension invisible, which allows you to evaluate the dimension limits separately from the second expression, which you're displaying in the chart. However, pie charts do not allow invisible dimensions. How would I use dimension limits on a pie chart, without using the same expression that is displayed?

For example, I have a pie chart that shows refund dollars by category. I would like to only show the top 5 categories ranked by the number of refunds in the category, rather than the dollar value shown in the chart.

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Pie Chart Dimension Limits?

If I remember it right then contained the following book:

QlikView for Developers Cookbook

Stephen Redmond

ISBN-13: 978-1782179733

quite informative examples of how to limit dimensions in pie-charts and also how to display multiple dimension-values with a good readability.

Further you could look on this posting from the same author: Redmond Pie-Gauge Chart which might contain also these features or at least it will give some good ideas to this topic.

- Marcus