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Pivot Table Custom Totals

I am trying to write a pivot table with custom totals, but I can't figure out if it's possible to do.

I have a dimension which is split into three categories, lets call them A, B, and C. I do not want to add A,B and C up, because the total doesn't make any sense. What I actually want to do is have a total for A, a total for B and a total for C. But Qlikview just wants to add all three up, I have attached a excel file which will hopefully explain it a bit better.


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Re: Pivot Table Custom Totals

Change your data as attached excel file.

In the right side table  you get the result total of A, B and C. See attache qvw

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Re: Pivot Table Custom Totals

Thanks Manideep,

Sorry I forget to mention that I needed it in one table only, at the moment, I have it split into two tables, but I am creating a report in QV and the report engine is a bit poor, and it's very difficult to line the two tables up perfectly.

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