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Pivot Table / Sub Headers

Hello together,

is there any possibility to get sub-headers into a Pivot or Straight-Table?

I have a table with a lot of articles, which are grouped in different categories.

The goal is to get a sub-header between every change of categories with the name of the following category.

Maybe it is possible to use sub-totals with custom (dynamic) labels?

it should look like:

| art. nr. | description |

|         Fruits             |

|  123    | Bananas    |

|   234   | Apples       |

|      Vegetables        |

|  321    | carrots       |

|  214    | potatoes    |

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Pivot Table / Sub Headers

You could use mapping with applymap to create an additionally field, which you could show in your objects.

- Marcus

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Re: Pivot Table / Sub Headers

Hello Marcus

thank you for your answer. But this is not my problem, the category is in an extra column - each article is linked to a category.

My problem is to get the category as a horizontally sub header in the table.

Is there a possibility?

Re: Pivot Table / Sub Headers

If you want show an additionally category you must create these category. In your case you have a sub-category (description) and you want a main-category (fruits, vegetables ....). The best way to reach this is to use mapping. Within a pivot you could show your dimensions vertically and also horizontal, but not in straight table.

- Marcus

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