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Pivot Table With Dates As The Fields?

What is the best way to go about making a pivot table that will display dates across the top, and a count of the records below it?  I have a set of data (that changes daily) that contains the UPC of an item, and it's expiration date.  For each day, I need to show the count of items that are past/have met their expiration date, and the count of items that an expiration date in the future.  It would look something like this:

Not Yet Expired1275897100199188

In the raw data, it's just a UPC and an expiration date.

Or, am I going about this completely the wrong way?  Could a straight table with expressions do this?

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Re: Pivot Table With Dates As The Fields?


You can use the pivot table. With expiry date as dimension and count of items as expression.

If you can have two expression for expired and Not yet expired. Or you have it as a field then you can add it as dimension.

You can drag the exipry date to get the result.


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