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Pivot Table issues on Ajax Client web server

Hi all.

I found some very weird issues with my pivot tables, specially when they are published on the server, using Ajax Client.

Basically, I have simple pivot table with three dimensions (Customer, =Shipto & '-' & State, Product Category) on the rows and two expressions on the columns (Sales,Performance). When I built it on desktop, dimensions are showed grouped, allowing user to drill down to the information he/she wants to see. When I publish this documment on server two issues happen:

1. Transposition: Columns and Rows switch places

2. Disappearing calculated field: My calculated dimension vanishes, even if you click on object properties and try to find it, it's just gone.

I am using Qlikview version 10.00.9519.9 SR5 64-bit

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Re: Pivot Table issues on Ajax Client web server

I think the reason is the any incompatibility between your releases and your browsers and your used QV release is quite old so that it would be better to upgrade to QV 11.2 SR15 or QV 12 SR4.

- Marcus

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Re: Pivot Table issues on Ajax Client web server

Thanks for the response Marcus,

Curiously this seemingly crazy behaviour was solved simply by assigning "display as text" to the calculated dimension.

Best Regards

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