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Pivot Table

Hi All,

I am having a Pivot Table with Location,Name & Date as Dimension and Sum of a column Handled as expression.

Output is as given below.


BangaloreAgent 1 -21---
BangaloreAgent 2 49114731104--
BangaloreAgent 3 -----
BangaloreAgent 4 500653488--
BangaloreAgent 5 745758765--

Need to add following columns at teh end.

Avg Per DayMaxMin# of days with > 500

How do i add this to the Pivot table as last columns post teh dates.

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Re: Pivot Table

Please provide sample data or sample application. You need to use TOTAL Qualifier to achieve this result.

Re: Pivot Table


If Date is also your dimension then i dont think so it is possible to do required thing in Pivot table.

You can try in Straight Table by creating each date value as different Expression.


Prashant Sangle
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Re: Pivot Table

2015-07-01267Agent 1
2015-07-02254Agent 2
2015-07-02321Agent 3
2015-07-02330Agent 4
2015-07-03396Agent 5
2015-07-04258Agent 6
2015-07-06253Agent 7
2015-07-06315Agent 8
2015-07-06319Agent 9
2015-07-07254Agent 10
2015-07-07294Agent 11
2015-07-08252Agent 1
2015-07-08253Agent 2
2015-07-08271Agent 3
2015-07-08361Agent 4
2015-07-09286Agent 5
2015-07-10385Agent 6
2015-07-13260Agent 7
2015-07-16260Agent 8
2015-07-17306Agent 9
2015-07-17315Agent 10
2015-07-17366Agent 11
2015-07-20253Agent 1
2015-07-20272Agent 2
2015-07-20311Agent 3
2015-07-20347Agent 4
2015-07-22297Agent 5
2015-07-23253Agent 6
2015-07-23309Agent 7
2015-07-23463Agent 8
2015-07-24266Agent 9
2015-07-25272Agent 10
2015-07-26253Agent 11
2015-07-26291Agent 1
2015-07-26335Agent 2
2015-07-26418Agent 3

Please use the above sample data, Ignore location which i will add it later.

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Re: Pivot Table

How do i change that dynamically.

Today i will have date till JUly 27th and tomorrow it will till 28th.

Do you mean i need to add expression default till 31st always.

Re: Pivot Table




Prashant Sangle

Re: Pivot Table

Use Straight Table

For Average

=SUM(TOTAL <Name> Handled)/COUNT(TOTAL <Name> Date)

For Min

Min(TOTAL <Name> Aggr(SUM(Handled),Name,Date))

For Max

Max(TOTAL <Name> Aggr(SUM(Handled),Name,Date))

For >= 500

SUM(TOTAL <Name> Aggr(IF(SUM(Handled)>=500,1,0),Name,Date))

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Re: Pivot Table


In this method for the dates when there is no data available for an Name it takes previous days data and shows the same in Table.

How to avoid it?

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Re: Pivot Table

Sorry It was my mistake in the expression i had mentioned <=

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