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Pivot table dimension values


I´ve got a problem that can be demonstrated on QlikView example file Presidents.qvw.

On tab Pivot table there is a presidents timeline pivot table and I need to modify the functionality a bit.

The timeline itself looks as on the attached picture (part 1). That is ok. But when you restrict the filtr to show just Republican party, you will get same state as on the picture part 2.

But I wish pivot table to show me even the empty cells which are surrounded by coloured cells, so something like part 3 on attached picture.

In this case it is not a problem to select "Show all values" on No. dimension, but in my case, I have a 5 years timeline and I want to show just relevant data.

Can anybody help me? Thank you


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Pivot table dimension values

Try to set "Show all Values" (Dimension tab) for the Sequence Dimension, and remove "Supress Zero-Values"(Presentation tab).

This will however give "0" for empty slots, which can be removed by setting Text Color to white for non party matches on the expression.

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Pivot table dimension values


thank you for feedback, but this will show all values of horizontal dimension (from 1 to 40), I think. I need to keep only values associated with Republican Party (16-38), and omit other. Just to keep values surrounded from both sides with green fields.

In this case it's propably irrelevant, but I have similar problem with a horizontal time dimension containing 3 thousands values, and need to show task solution timeline.



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Pivot table dimension values

Hi, Tomas.

Do this:

1) Chart properties/Dimension Tab/

Dimension "Sequence" Show All Values - CHECK

2) Chart properties/Presentation Tab/

Suppress Zero Values UNCHECK

After these steps you will see 0 value!!! If you don't want see zero then you should correct expression:

if (count(Name) = 0, '', count(Name))

After this you will see chart as figure 3.

regards Anatoly

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Pivot table dimension values

Hi Anatoly,

thank you for post, and please accept my apology for late response.

This method is functional, but after selecting Republican as a filter, I can see all values (1-45), not just the interval, when Republican Party presidents were involved (16-43). I need to remove outer values, and keep the rest, as on figure no.3.

I thought about a solution, and the only possible method (in my opinion) is creating a virtual president for each party, which would reign for the entire period, I would like to show in a table. Using aggr function and min and max.


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