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Possible to use offset in "figures in chart"?


in some of my charts, it is possible to show individual values or the cumulative value.

=> In the latter case (cumulative), there are likely to be several columns of the same height to the right of the charting_area.

=> The issue is, when the figure is quite long (e.g. "15.000,00 €"), the figures belonging to the different columns overlap because they
     are all at exactly the same height and they become somewhat illegible.

=> Is it possible to program an offset in this case so that the figures remain legible? Or maybe to display the figure only on the first of
     a series of columns of the same height?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Possible to use offset in "figures in chart"?

Hi DataNibbler,

I think there isn't a good solution. You could solve it with (complex and slow) macros or use (dynamically) format-functions to show your values in k or m euros but often it's enough to show the data without decimals and currency units.

- Marcus

Re: Possible to use offset in "figures in chart"?

If you're using single bars then you can use the above() function.

I don't think your requirements can be met in one chart if you're using stacked bars. You could use two charts and put them on top of each other. Or perhaps one of the alternatives in the attached qvw works for you.

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