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Contributor II
Contributor II

Prevent Overlapping bars or uncentered bars in bar chart histogram

I created a histogram for a dimension in Qlikview. X-axis is the percentile, and I want to show frequency of percentiles to represent performance for certain key measures. If there is greater frequency toward the right, closer to 90th percentile, this indicates good performance. When there is greater frequency to the left, closer to 10th percentile, this indicates poor performance.

When different dimensions are chosen, I want the x axis to remain the same even if there isn't data for all x-axis values (Qlikview default is to only show the x-axis values if there is data). To do this, I selected Continuous in the Axes tab under x-axis. This works for most measures.


However, I've noticed two issues:

Issue 1: If there is data only for a single value, only that percentile will appear centered on the x-axis and the corresponding bar will appear un-centered:

Example 1:


Example 2:


Issue 2: If only a few percentiles have data, the axis remains the same but the bars become very wide and overlap. Here the data label "5" for 70th percentile is blocked by the wide bar for 60th percentile.  


How can I prevent these two issues??

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Contributor II
Contributor II

FYI these are the Axes selections:


Digital Support
Digital Support

Katherine, the best I have for you is the following link, hopefully it may give you something to help here, but my response will kick things back up in the queue again, so maybe someone new will see things and have another idea as well.



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