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Prevent auto calculation of objects?

I have a document where several of the objects are calculation on several hundred million records, and this is taking some time to calculate the charts each time a filter selection is made.  This really becomes a problem when the user wants to make several selections because the charts automatically calculate with each selection. 

Is there a way I can prevent the charts from calculating until the user has made all the selections they want?

My idea to do this is to set a calculation condition: vCalculate = 1, then set the variable vCalculate to '1' by user clicking a button.  But how do i get that vCalculate to automatically reset to 0 when the user starts to make new selections?  I have seen examples where there is a second button for the user to reset the variable but that would be frustrating to the user to have to remember to do this manually each time he wants to make new selections. 

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Jpe ,


could you please check this question its similar I didnt get the solution.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Swuehl,
I have tried out the provided sample QVW and I must say that it looks very promising for my purposes. I have one question though. When no filters are selected the chart content displays "Please make selections and press Go!". Where did you include this text in the chart object?
Thank you,