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Preventing QV from showing partials sums for certain columns (e.g. dates)


QlikView attemps to list partials sums for all columns, including dates (as shown in the attached image) even though partials sums are not relevant for this data type.

Chart Setup

I'm using a pivot table to show several projects based on categorization. I have a column that is a dollar amount, and I therefore enabled partials sums for the pivot table.


1. Is it possible to prevent QlikView from presenting partials sums for some expressions?

2. Also, it'd be ideal to prevent the gray shading from extending beyond the cost column. Is that possible either?

Thanks for your feedback!

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Preventing QV from showing partials sums for certain columns (e.g. dates)

Hi there,

If you expand the data expressions with the + symbol you should be able to set the background colour expression to rgb(255, 255, 255) and that should make those columns white regardless of what level they are at.

To suppress the totals appearing for the date columns you probably want to explore the SecondaryDimensionality function (see the help text for details).  With this you should be able to put in an if statement that suppresses the totals.

Hope that helps.



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