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Previous Month at the Bottom of Straight Table


I have a requirement like the following:-

<30 Days31-60 Days
61-90 Days
>90 Days
Country A

Country B

Country C

Country D

Country E

Previous Month

Previous Year

I manage to create the table using a straight table, but without the Previous Month and Previous Year. How can I add these two rows into the same table? Currently I'm creating another tables for these two rows, but the user cannot export it into a single excel.

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Re: Previous Month at the Bottom of Straight Table

To get this done, you have to modify your data model to add strings 'Previous Month' and 'Previous Year' to dimension. For getting metrics of above dimension values, need to concatenate their aggregated values to oringinal metrics table. And this procedure can become complex depending upon your existing data model structure.

But, as you have stated above, 'you are currently creating another table for two rows'. I would suggest you to go with the same and in order to export both tables/charts to same excle sheet, there is workaround available.

For this, you can refer below excellent post by Stefan WALTHER:


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