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Print a sheet with a container object inside

Hi Qlikview lovers, I have a issue for you.

I have one sheet I want to print, but I have a problem with a container object inside it. The container object shows one or another diagram depending on the selection in the container. I have try to include both diagrams in the report to print, but if i do that the button to print does not work.

I have also tried to find out which diagram is selected in the container object, so I can create one report for each diagram, but i found nothing.

Do you know some way to print the diagrams in a container object? Or some way to know which diagram is visible?

Thank you!,


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Re: Print a sheet with a container object inside

Maybe this will be helpful for you:

Re: Container Object,Selected Index Change

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- Marcus

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Re: Print a sheet with a container object inside

I have read both answers, but didn´t solve my problem. If the object is not visible, qlikview prints a blank sheet...Smiley Sad

Some more help? Some action to switch the chart in the container?


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Re: Print a sheet with a container object inside

Ik had same issue. A container with grid setting and 5 charts.

Only the charts visible will show on the report,

My workarround:

- Create a sheet prior to the sheet where the container is sitting preferably the first or second sheet. I call this the 'report sheet'. It's important to place the report sheet before the container sheet.

- copy the individual chart from the container sheet al a linked object to the report sheet.

- On the report sheet progerties  I placed a conditonal  view formula:  =If(ClientPlatform()='',1,0) so it's only vsible in Qlikview desktop.

- Because the objects are linked they should show on the report.

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