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Problem with a filtered_sum formula - Plz help!!


in a table object in my  current document, I have a formula for the turnover, it is calculated from >Shipped_qty * price<. That, however, is incorrect because the shipped quantity includes packing material. That can be split out by filtering for the >partclass< to be 'R' (regular).

I can include a filtering statement in an expression by enclosing it in two pairs of brackets like {<filter>}. For some reason, though, it doesn't work - I can put that filter in and take it out just like I want, the data in the object DOES NOT CHANGE?!

What makes this appear even more strange, I have another sheet in my document with just a number of listboxes for testing and there the data does change.

Can somebody please lend me a hand with that? Needless to say, the correct data being displayed is crucial.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Problem with a filtered_sum formula - Plz help!!

I suspect your expression is invalid but as you've not actually supplied it this is just a guess.

If you'd like more than a guess provide more detail and an example .qvw file is always helpful.


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Re: Problem with a filtered_sum formula - Plz help!!

1) I hope this help to you

sum({$<partclass={'R'}>} Shipped_qty * price)

2) Try to right click to the NoChangingObject. Chose "Attach" option from the menu.

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Re: Problem with a filtered_sum formula - Plz help!!

Please post the data and try to explain your issue with example.



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Re: Problem with a filtered_sum formula - Plz help!!

Hi all,

sorry - I talked to my main contact person for this Dashboard once more and it turned out that this is not actually a problem: The filter cannot have any influence on my data because the quantity I use is already filtered for only the regular parts, no packaging material - I actually thought so, simply because filtering for other partclasses reduced the figures to 0, so the filtering in itself worked... but now I know, which is better.

The figures which are wrong because of the packaging are only the volume figures (cubic). Those, however, are not part of the straight table object (to get the GUI to match a ppt I have, I just added a row of textboxes holding the formulas), so adding the filter to the formulas in the object will of course not affect them ;-)

This is closed then - a misunderstanding it seems.

Thanks for helping anyway!

Best regards,


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