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QVMailer Report timeout: where to change the setting?

I have a QVMailer schedule that print a QV Report in PDF.

I have different schedules for different product lines.

There is one product lines that takes quite 2 mins to generate the PDF and the QVMailer task times out with the following events:

REPORTS: The Report was not sent to the recipients due to a timeout error. Please check the availability of the affected QlikView file and your timeout settings.

REPORTS: Timeout expired -23: qvp://d2erpapp/D2 Vendite.qvw, Document\RP01(Thread was being aborted.,    at System.Threading.Monitor.Enter(Object obj)

   at QMSBackendService.ExecutionService.sendMailThread())

I really don't know if/where is possible to increase this timeout at least to 5mins...

Thank you!


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