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QlikView 11.0.11282.0 AccessPoint Issue


Well, this is the issue, everything was cool til 2 weeks ago...I have a server with version 11.0.11282.0 and the AccessPoint doesn't show any the graphs.

there is IE9 running within the server, i tried loading the accesspoint in a laptop with IE 8 but its not working too.




When a export the graph to a image or print "voila"!!, there is it ...also when i execute it on my desktop app.

its something wrong with the IEPlugin???


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Re: QlikView 11.0.11282.0 AccessPoint Issue

Not wanting to sound offensive, but with that version being a few years old, I would consider patching to 11.2 service release X.

I would not be surprised the other software you are using is patched up to a level at which there is a mismatch with the QlikView software you are using.

May you live in interesting times!
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