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Master II
Master II

QlikView 12.4 SR1 Pivot Table issue

We have just upgraded from QV 12.1 SR8 to QV 12.4 SR1. We have one QV app with a pivot table issue.

If we open the app in client 12.1, the pivot table displays the first column is shown and the following dimensions are hidden (fully collapsed).

If we open the same app in client 12.4, the pivot table displays the first column is shown and the following dimension headers are visible ( even thought the table is fully collapsed). The forum won't allow me to attach an image.

I suspect this must be some setting because if we make a new pivot table in 12.4, we don't see the collapse dimension headers.

Anybody have any ideas, other than creating the pivot table from scratch (there are many of them and they are complex).


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Digital Support
Digital Support

Mike, you are spot on with your workaround you mentioned, recreate the Pivot from scratch in the 12.40 release, that should do the trick.  If there is a defect, it is likely related to the release in which the Pivot was originally created etc....  Sorry I do not have better news for you, but hopefully it will not be too difficult given you do have the old version to just be able to copy/paste the expressions etc.  Shout if you have further questions.   The only other thing I have seen do stuff like this is taking an app back and forth between major releases, so going to 12.10 then 12.40 back to 12.10 etc. saving each time such that the file format is reset, eventually that will usually lead to issues like this, and is why we recommend you update and stay on whichever release you are going to run and keep duplicates at that point, one set of apps for 12.40 and another for 12.10 if you have both environments running...


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