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QlikView Analysis

Hi ,

i have a sales table already loaded in QlikView (similar to what i have below).

Each sale is done using an "instrument Type" which is allocated at customer level.

So for example the customer A has just one instrument allocated (revenue by instrument is equal to 100), on the other hand customer B has 2 instruments allocates, so the revenue by instrument is equal to 75 (150/2)).

The goal is to evaluate the profitability of each istrument allocated, so for customer A and Type 9 the profitability is 100 $, for customer B profitability by instrument is 75.

To do this i have to load a table where i have to specify, for the combination of customer and instrument type which was the allocation of instrument for a certain period (e.g. 2 instrument from 1st till 10th and 4 instruments from 11st till 31st). The allocation change day by day. I would like then to evaluate in a certain month which is the average of instrument allocated, and then divide sales by this value.

Quesiton is, which is the best solution to implement this ? A separate table linked to the sales table?

Any suggestion is really appreciated.


instruments report.PNG

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Re: QlikView Analysis


there is only on date in your example : date sale,

but how do we count the period when you say from 1st till 10th ?