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QlikView Dashboard distributed

Hello All,

I have created a QlikView Dashboard with 3 tabs (t1,t2,t3) and my client wants to see all the 3 tabs visible on a one go. For that we have 3 monitors.

Expected - All the 3 tabs should be visible on 3 different monitors like (t1 on monitor1, t2 on monitor2, t3 on monitor3).

So, If I select any filter then all the 3 tabs/monitor should be refreshed based on selection. 

Or Is there any other way to implement the same?

Thanks in Advance!!!!

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Re: QlikView Dashboard distributed

I believe what you want to do would potentially best be done via a Mash-up potentially using an iFrame of the entire sheet view etc.

The only way not using that option I believe would be to open 3 copies of the app, one for each monitor, but that is going to be 3 different sessions, so any selection done in one will not transfer to the others unless you were to click on those etc.  Given same user/same app, the click should update the other views at that point from playing with this in the past.  

Here is a link to the SDK/API area for QlikView if you want to look into Mash-up etc.


Hope this helps.


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