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QlikView scaling in Windows 10

I've just upgraded my laptop to Windows 10. Not all all the objects on my QlikView Documents are 150% larger, i.e. something 300 pixels previously is now 450 pixels. This is a bit of an headache because we had standard sizing / spacing for all of out objects but now that's changed. It's especially awkward for objects that weren't a size that's a multiple of 10. What's weird is one of my colleagues has a similar problem but after is upgrade everything is 125% larger, despite having the same laptop as me.

Anyone experienced this?

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Re: QlikView scaling in Windows 10

This is most probably due to a difference in screen resolution and display scaling between the different laptops.

Check your display settings  for something like this


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Re: QlikView scaling in Windows 10

I've changed that but it doesn't change the QlikView scale. Mine recommends 150%. My colleagues 125% so I think it's something to do with that but can't quite figure out what.
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Re: QlikView scaling in Windows 10

Two comments:

After resetting the windows scaling to 100%, log out/in to windows. 

Make sure your dashboard zoom is set to 100%.  View, Zoom, 100%.