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Qlikview - Font Not working on Charts


I have a custom font (ttf) that I have installed on the server and on my desktop. The font appears as expected in a bar chart and in a text box in desktop. When on the access point the text box has the right font but the bar chart defaults to a different font.

I have tried custom css and everything but no joy.

Can anyone help?

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Re: Qlikview - Font Not working on Charts

custom.css is a style sheet for the AccessPoint landing page only, not for documents or objects.

Did you try default.css in the Ajax client folder?

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Re: Qlikview - Font Not working on Charts

Thanks for Replying Peter,

Not sure what I would add or change in the default.css. The text box works without having to change the CSS anyway and therefore my expectation is... so should the chart.

Re: Qlikview - Font Not working on Charts

I couldn't tell you, because in my case, either both of these objects reverted to Times Roman, or both started using the correct font.

On average, only the IE plugin and the Desktop (when used as a client) will load fonts that are installed locally in Windows. The Ajax client may load local fonts, but not always. If you plan to force a specific font towards all your users, install the font as a webfont and push it to the browsers via css.

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