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Qlikview layout best practice discussion 3: One layer menu or multiple layer menu

Hi Guys

I would like to know one qlikview dashboard design preference or understanding:

Do you like to use one layer menu or two layer menu?

In my client company, they prefer to have two or more layer menu in their template.

I would like to share my understanding:

I think the biggest strength of Qlikview is the simple and straight forward dashboard capabilty in which you have the main overview tab and several high level tab together with one or two detail tabs. This structure make sure:

the content is highly concentrated to one major topic;

it has the good size of data or info, not too less and not too much.

If there are multiple sub tabs under each main tab, it will have more info, but it would make the audience feel 'too much' or 'never ending' and a bit stressful.

The Khan academy makes every video 10 minutes.

Every movie talks about a story in about 90 minutes.

Samething, if we keep in mind that every dashboard is single layer and highly concentrated, I think the result from user can be better.

I feel a bit ugly to see a qlikview document with 10 tabs and each tab has 3 or 4 sub tabs. Although you can say 'it is tv program vs movie'. But I would like to use the simple single layer tab to be a criteria for the simplicity of the dashboard layout design.

Is my understanding correct? What you  think?

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