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Questions about Dimension Limit Totals

Hi all,

I've added some totals to a couple of my straight tables using the "Show Total" option in the Dimension Limits tab, as I was after a sub total per dimension, but its not behaving quite as i'd expect it. I've got a couple issues that i'm not sure how to fix as I can't see any options to really configure these totals.

  1. I have a number of columns where the total doesn't actually equal the sum to the rows underneath it for those dimensions. E.g. I have an expression with a fairly complicated formula in it, the individual rows equal 455 and 950 but the total is saying 1650. Do Dimension Limit totals re-evaluate the expression to get the total or simply sum up the rows?
  2. I've got a case where a totals line is showing but there aren't any actual records below it. The totals are all showing 0 and so it is creating a line for something that shouldn't be there. I've tried messing around with the suppression options for the table but none of these seem to make a difference

It's probably worth noting that the expressions in my table are using set analysis, I don't know if that would cause these problems though.

If anyone could help me with either of these I would be very grateful.

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