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Ranked Groups in a Chart


 First off I am sorry if there is an example already in the community which I have missed. I have spent time looking for answers and I have not had any luck... but then again I suspect I am missing something.

I have been asked to produced the following chart:


and I am trying to create the Client column on the far left... and I am not having any luck with getting the grouping working.

Would anybody be able to provide me a simple example or link that I could work from to create the table?


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Re: Ranked Groups in a Chart


I'm not quite proud of my solution but  I see no other way to do it since your Top intervals are not regular. I simply concatenate IF statements in a calculated dimension as follows:

=if(aggr(rank(sum(Amount)), Client) > 1 and aggr(rank(sum(Amount)), Client) <= 5, 'Top 5',
if(aggr(rank(sum(Amount)), Client) > 5 and aggr(rank(sum(Amount)), Client) <= 7, 'Top 6-7', 'Rest'))

Please find the attached file for more details.

Hope some expert give us an elegant and bright solution!




Re: Ranked Groups in a Chart

Thank you, I assume I would need a load of IF's but nothing was working... I will play with what you have sent for my data 🙂

I kinda feel there should be something elegant... but I also suspect the random bracket will make that impossible. I wonder about the processing overhead due to that... maybe a problem for later 🙂

Thanks again 🙂