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Reference line to mark a date on a combination chart


   I have a chart that has a cyclic group ( FiscalYear / Year - Month / Year - Quarter ) on the X-Axis and a % on the Y. My users are asking me if I can show a reference line marking a date or month whena new protocol for patient care has been implemented so they can easily see the before and after counts.

   I realize that you need to have a continous X axis and a numeric dimension to have a reference line so I changed my date dimension to show the start date of the month and was able to display the reference line but then I lose my ability to scroll and also if the users change the group from month to year or quarter it does something to the values on the X axix. If quarter is selected it splits the X axis display into .5 increments, the year into something else. Has anyone been able to implement a reference line using a date group on the X axis ?

  One of the attachments shows the reference line with the MonthStartDT, the other one shows the chart when  the Fiscal year is used as the Cyclic.

  As always any input is appreciated. Thanks.


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