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References between object

Dear colleagues,

Please help me with such question... Maybe it is very easy, but I just started with QV.

I have a QV document

In this document I have Chart (table)

this is very complicated table with various dimensions and with many expressions.

Many of my expressions have aggregations. And I need to create additional aggregation of this aggregated expressions.

What I want - I want to use fields (dimensions or expression result) from my main chart object (for ex.Object ID = CH50) as values in some another chart with another object ID = CH55. Maybe this is possible to use some fields from one table in the another table...Maybe QV has something like "symbolic links" or refferences between objects?


I have some result of this expression in the chart:

Chart object name CH50

Field name - "result"

if ( RTO8_TripNumber<1,'0',
if ((aggr(nodistinct {1} textcount(distinct RTO8_TripNumber),RTO8_ConsignmentNumber))=1, aggr({1} RTO8_TaxWeight,JOB8_ConsignmentNumber), aggr(nodistinct {1} RTO8_TaxWeight,JOB8_ConsignmentNumber))
    aggr(nodistinct {1} sum({1} JOB8_TaxWeight),RTO8_TripNumber)
    if(RTO8_TripNumber>'a',Aggr(nodistinct {1} sum(PIV8ChargeCostBase)+sum(WIPCA8WIPValueBase),RTO8_TripNumber),'RTO_wo_TRIP')

result is fine and now I want to aggregate resulting data by some another field in my chart (for example JOB8_ConsignmentNumber)

I want to use create after this expression some another expression like: aggr({1} sum(result), JOB8_ConsignmentNumber)... but this is double aggregation - so nothing not happened, my second expression give to me 0...

This is example of transport order... we have one order, which consist from 3 sub-orders. every sub-order has sales and costs, some multipliers, and somehow calculated revenue. Next I want to aggregate sum of this revenue in the upper order level...

Maybe I unable to do this in one chart, then if possible I want to create some another chart, who will work with field data from original chart...

Thank you!

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