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Refresh indication

I added a refresh button on my model, the model run on publisher.
Button and everything works right, but I want to add an indication near the button when the model is being refreshed the user will see it.
Does anyone know how to perform this?
Something like an hourglass.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Refresh indication


you can use a Text Box with expression like this:


='Last Updated: '&Date(ReloadTime(), 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss TT')& ' EST/IST'

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Re: Refresh indication


thank you for the response.

What you suggested allows me to know when it was last run.
What I mean is that if the user clicks on the button as long as the model is loaded will be visual indication and the user understand the data is refreshed.

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Re: Refresh indication

find the attachment. like this you want?

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Re: Refresh indication

I want when the model finishes the refresh icon will disappear and not by pressing the button again,
Solution you attached pressing the button will activate the icon, another press will hide it.
I want that after clicking on the icon will appear as soon as the model is complete the refresh icon disappears, until next time to execute the refresh.

Anyway thanks for the idea

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