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Reg-Values are not matching in the Straight table in the tabs

Hi Team,

we have straight table and the dimension and expression for the two tabs are same ,but the values like sales vs Target are not matching.

we have four tabs and in that the first tab and fourth tab we have sales vs Target and same dimension,but the values are not matching .iam writing the expresion aslo here

first tab



  =if(GetPossibleCount(PackageID)>1 and vCalType='unit',null(),sum({<CBU={"=len(CBU)>0"}>} SalesUnit*if(vCalType='value',if(Year>=2015,[CIM Price],[Actual Price]),1)))



    =if(GetPossibleCount(PackageID)>1 and vCalType='unit',null(),sum({<CBU={"=len(CBU)>0"}>} TargetUnit*if(vCalType='value',if(Year>=2015,[CIM Price],[Actual Price]),1)))

second tab



     =if(GetPossibleCount(PackageID)>1 and vCalType='unit',null(),sum({<BU={"=len(BU)>0"}>} SalesUnit*if(vCalType='value',if(Year>=2015,[CIM Price],[Actual Price]),1)))



if(GetPossibleCount(PackageID)>1 and vCalType='unit',null(),sum({<BU={"=len(BU)>0"}>} TargetUnit*if(vCalType='value',if(Year>=2015,[CIM Price],[Actual Price]),1)))

can any one help me out from this and we have difference only we have given CBU AND BU THESE ARE THE BRANDS.

In the sheetproperties---->Triggers--->we have one tab object id and another object id is not there.Can anyone help me from this ..its very urjent for me ..

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Re: Reg-Values are not matching in the Straight table in the tabs

can you share a sample of the same?

Alternatively, why can't you delete and copy the objects from other tab, which has right numbers. Also you may have to restrict the trigger actions in your expression of the other tab

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