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Reload Hourly on Weekdays

Hi All

Any help on houw to set my reload in Management Console to occur every hour between 8am - 5 pm Mondays to Friday only?  The Reload options in the Management Consoledont seem to allow me the option of hourly between two times and days of week.  Its either or?  Please help.

Also, any ideas on how to get the screen which pojects my Dashboard to refresh once the reload has sucessfully complete?


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Re: Reload Hourly on Weekdays

For the first part - set it hourly. Then choose monday to Friday as the days of the week, 8 to 5 in the "run between" section 1 hour 0 minutes in the Run Every part.

SeeExample.png attcahed.

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Re: Reload Hourly on Weekdays

THanks for you reply.  I dont have the same options.

If i select one, it unselects the other...its very difficult.

Please check attached screen shot of my options (Now attached) Thanks a million.

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Re: Reload Hourly on Weekdays

Hi Bruce,

the pic of answer is not a qlikview management konsole config, it's windows task-manager.

that means you have first write a bat file that realoads and saves your qvw file. In your batch file write a line like this:

"c:\....\qv.exe" /r c:\myqvws\sample.qvw

Then you will define a task in windows task manager and that photo shows how you can configure this task as you need.

Best regards


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