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Reload with qv.exe does not refresh the document

Hi all

I have the following problem:

A user would like to create some comments on a report. It is solved with an external excel-sheet where he can enter his comments. On the QV-Report is a button (Reload Comments) which launches the qv.exe to load the comments.

It also kind of works, but only after a few (3) clicks on some other selections.

The launch of qv.exe is done with parameter /r .

Any ideas why it does not refresh directly after the reload?


btw. the user is working on a server and I first tried to solve the request with macros (refresh/reload) but it seems that when opening the document on the server, macros are not working.

Remark: sometimes I only need to click away once.

for example:   The date 15.06.2015 is selected in the listbox and I like to add a comment to that day. After the reload the comment is still empty. When selecting another day and then switching back it shows it.

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