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Report based on year, month and day.

I have created a report based on year, month and day.

By Default view it diplayed annual(year) report (is a sum of doing business based on month in X axis like Jan, Feb.... Dec and total in Y axis ).

When I selected any sum of business in any perticular month it shows sum of doing business on perticular date.

Now what i want...that ...its will show the details is percentage (%) ..... and the criteria is that ...we are working 6 days and 8 hours and the report is based on that ...and I have data is hours....some emp have no business on few dates and the label text wll be change according to that which month or date, details data shows.  The main problem what face that month have 30, 31 or 28 days in month so I have to calculate according to that...per day % calculation is different and per month of year  also.

I am new in qlikview so i didn't get what I do for that..... can I use trigger or any things else.

Please reply me asap..


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Re: Report based on year, month and day.

it is complicated to understand well your need. You should give a qvw example.

I think you have to prepare your data through the script and data model: you could create a "flag" to identify the data (date-hour) which have to be taken into account in your calculation. (0 means out of perimeter and 1 in the perimeter.)