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Report layout resolution set up

Hello Team,

I have raised with a question in my mind that,Is there any possibility to set up report layout that would be fit to any type of resolution in default.for example if the report is designed with 1460 * 780 resolution ,but server system resolution is  1380 * 650 .so my question is , Is there any possibility to set up report that should be fit for all screens  whether they came up with different resolutions ?

( or) should i change the resolution as per the server before i start development? 



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Report layout resolution set up

The resolution of the screen of the server system is irrelevant. It will only host the Qlikview Server software. The resolution of the screens that the users will use is what you have to design for.

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Re: Report layout resolution set up

Hi Lakshmi,

There are two approaches to handling screen size restrictions when building your application.

Lowest Common Screen Size: Build to whatever the smallest screen is your users are likely to encounter. If you have some users on old iPads then you might be stuck with 1024 x 680. This way everybody can see the content, though those on bigger screens will have a worse experience

Allow some scrolling: Build your application to the most common screen size, allowing for some scrolling for those on smaller screens. Ideally this should be vertical scrolling only as this is a common experience. Horizontal scrolling is not good design and scrolling in both directions is a complete mess.

A final consideration is to design for a specific screen ratio, so 16:9 is very common at the moment, though 4:3 appears on iPads and some other devices. This allows the users to zoom the view if required and get a full screen experience.

If they are using mobile phones then it is probably best to design a distinct application as user interfaces are very different on these devices.