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Req on Straight/Pivot table

Hi All,

I have 2 requirements on pivot/straight table

1) I have multiple dimensions and expressions and i want to display the totals at header level in the table as below:


2) I want to add one more expression there i will get data from DB based on some conditions. I want to display as below


is there any possibility in Qlikview to do this? If yes please send me reply.

I have added QVW also



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Re: Req on Straight/Pivot table


Looks like the subtotals are by the "Bus Area' field.  In a pivot table, move the field to the left to make it the first dimension, and in Presentation tab check "Show Partial Sums" for the 2nd dimension.  You probably also want to check "Subtotals on top"

Keep in mind that subtotals are calculated only or expressions, so you may need to move some of your dimensions to expressions.



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Re: Req on Straight/Pivot table

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply.

I think you didn't change anything in my QVW, could you please do some changes on that QVW would be great help for me.



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Re: Re: Req on Straight/Pivot table

Sorry, lost the changes.  See now.

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