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Reverse Block Chart

Hello everyone,

I am currently creating a Block Chart using showing the average time it takes to do an activity by different disciplines. I would like to have my block chart in reverse, meaning that the smaller the average duration the bigger the box. Is this possible in qlikview?

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Re: Reverse Block Chart



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Re: Reverse Block Chart

That would work, but I would still want it to show the exact number. Here is an example that may help.

Average Duration to Perform Activity

     -Engineering: 10 Days

     -Procurement: 5 Days

     -Construction: 3 Days

I would want a block chart with three blocks, Construction having the largest and the data inside the box showing "Construction (3)".

Does that help?

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Re: Reverse Block Chart

A rather strange request, it looks counterintuitive...  Something like this can be done with a pie chart:

One expression is 1/avg()

Second expression is avg(), with "values on data points" checked.

There is no such options for a block chart.  Best I can think of - use "text as pop-up" for the second expression.

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