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Honored Contributor II

Scatter chart line style

Is it possible through chart properties or by macro to do dotted and dashed lines in a scatter chart?

I tried ='<S2>' in the Line Style property of the chart expression. I can't find anything in the API Guide for Dotted or Dashed lines.

='<W8>'  doesn't work in the Line Style property of the chart expression, but I was able to change the line width with a macro.

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Re: Scatter chart line style

Maybe you could find a proper example within the APIGuide if you searched for *dot* within the field PropComment and which code-examples are connected to them:

- Marcus

Honored Contributor II

Re: Scatter chart line style

Thanks for the suggestion Marcus.

When I do that, the available Classes are:


When I then select Class = IChartProperties, the only available member is MinorGridStyle.

The other classes don't apply.

I'm thinking that dotted or dashed lines are not possible in a scatter chart.

Re: Scatter chart line style

I don't know if dotted or dashed lines are possible within a scatter chart but not all possible settings have an example within the APIGuide and sometimes you could adapt the logic|syntax|parameters from a similar example.

Another way to get hints/ideas to possible parameters could be to export the document layout (from a small dummy app with only the wanted object to reduce the amounts of the output) and then to search within the xml-branches.

But both ways are far away from funny else quite an ugly trial & error approach so that I wouldn't think about it if the aim of it is just only nice to have.

- Marcus

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