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Securing hyperlink documents

Hello All,

I have a question that you may already have been through in your Qlik life.

This customer wants to access Hyperlink (pdf) from the accesspoint.

The document opens ok in another browser tab. This is a problem as the customer will know the address on the server and may be able to check other documents he may not be allowed to see.

Few ideas about it:

- Can we download the document instead of opening it?

- Can we display a "crypted/changed" address in the address bar? (temp/xxx.pdf)

Because the other solution would be to change all the documents with one folder for each department, and this is not the optimal solution as there are plenty of documents that are used with other softwares (including an OCR software).

How do you guys secure the documents that can be opened by the browser?

Thanks for your help everyone,

Cédric LUPO