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Selection Behaviour

Hi All,

     I have some questions on how Qlikview behaves during users making selections on the dashboard.

Let's say I have the following in the data mode:

1) Transaction Calendar (Dimension)

     Fields : TxnDate / TxnYear / TxnQuarter / TxnMonth

2)  Invoice Country (Dimension)

     Fields : Region / Country / Office

3) Sales and Expenses (FactTable)

Let say, I am going to make selection now:

TxnYear = 2012

TxnQuarter = Q2

Country = Japan

Then, i am going to choose TxnMonth = 3 (March). After I made the selection, the selections that I made before were all cleared and the current dashboard only selected TxnMonth = 3, but for Japan, it indeed has transaction made in 2012 March. Why Qlikview cleared out my TxnYear = 2012 as well as Country = Japan? Does Qlikview treat this as a new search?

Anyone can explain this?

Many thanks.

Attached is the sample QVW.      

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Re: Selection Behaviour

The selections are not being cleared for me if I open your application and choose Month=3

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Re: Selection Behaviour

Sorry Johannes. My typo, the first selections should be 2012 and Q2.

Corrected my typo in the question accordingly.


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Re: Selection Behaviour

Ah, ok, I see what you mean. Yes, QlikView will clear all selections when you select something excluded like this, even though Japan would have transactions for the year 2012 for month 3 as well as Q2.

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Re: Selection Behaviour

But do you have any idea why? And is there any ways to avoid this?

Because the users found that this is annoying and they need to refilter again and this caused trouble to them (You know, this is user )!!


Re: Selection Behaviour


Because quarter = Q2 conflicts with month = March, so Qlikview clears the selection. Unfortunately that clears all the selections so the 2012 is cleared as well.

When you think about it, it could be quite complex and time consuming to work out which selection is causing the conflict, even though it seems obvious to us. This is a simple example, but in a complex case with many selections and large tables?



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