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I have 3 sheets in the Excel where I have the information that I need to export to the QlickView. All of them have the same columns (name). So it only export the information of the first sheet.

The problem is that each document have 500 columns, so I can´t change its name.

Anyone knows how to solve this problem.

Thank you in advance.

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You can LOAD each sheet from Excel separately.

During the LOAD, give each field an alias. For example LOAD column1 AS sheet2_column1 etc.

Alternatively, if all 3 sheets should be LOADed into the same table with the same column names, you can use the CONCATENATE feature.

Hope that helps.


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Export to Qlikview?

Does it mean pulling data from Excel into Qlikview.

Even we had same situation.

Each Budget data will be in single Excel and each sheet will have each year budget.

We use "for each" and we pull data from excel into Qlikview.

It automatically concatenate and we will have correct records.