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Selection - how to do it? :)


i have those data set as shown below.

I would like to give to the users the possibility to select just with a click the "Cliente" where the "Importo Promessa di Pagamento" has an amount (so is different from null). How i can achieve this?

Thank you!


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Re: Selection - how to do it? :)


Are you trying to show all the values but ability to select only not null values?

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Re: Selection - how to do it? :)

Make a listbox for "Importo Promessa di Pagamento"

Right-click the listbox and choose Select All


Make a button and add an action that does Select in Field and select all.

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Re: Selection - how to do it? :)

Is this a table box? If you can use a straight table just add your

dimensions and

expr as

= IF(Sum(Importo Promessa di Pagamento) > 0, Sum(Importo Promessa di Pagamento))

Then supress 0 values in presentation tab.

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