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Setting Transparency


I have a couple of variables set in place (vIdentifier1 and vIdentifier2). What I would like to happen is that when the user activates the button that sets vIdentifier to 1, I want vIdentifier2 (a seperate button) to have a low transparency. The two variables can't be set to the same value at the same time.

Is this something that Qlik can do?

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Re: Setting Transparency

Hi Andrew, you can set a calculated color using ARBG(), ie:

If(vIdentifier1=1, ARGB(64,0,0,255), ARGB(255,0,0,255))

The first paremeter is transparency

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Re: Setting Transparency

Hi Andrew,

use trigger to do this.

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Re: Setting Transparency

Hi Andrew,

Use Rubens solution to manipulate the colours but to expand, you'll have to create the variable in the Variable output (Ctrl + Alt + V) or Script Editor and add an action to each button (External - Set Variable) i.e. vIdentifier1 = 1 vIdentifier1 = 0.

Re: Setting Transparency

Hi Andrew,

You can set both the variables at a time.

1. create  variables

2.Create a button

3.Go to properties and action > add 2 action i.e one for each variable and then use the RGB concept

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