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Short number


Setting thousand/million/billion symbol does not work with straight table/pivot table charts. I am using a pivot chart to display numbers and would like to achieve the same short number format. E.g:

123 -> 0.1K

12345 -> 1.2K

1234567 -> 1.2M

12345678910 -> 1.2B

Any smart way to achieve this?

Thank you!

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Re: Short number


I'm not sure that it's smart, but it works:

round(if(VALUE/1000000000>=1, VALUE/1000000000,

               if(VALUE/1000000>=1, VALUE/1000000,

                    if(VALUE/1000>=1, VALUE/10000, VALUE/1000))), 0.01) &

if(VALUE/1000000000>=1, ' B',

               if(VALUE/1000000>=1, 'M', ' K'))

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Re: Short number

Tatsiana, thanks for the attempt.  This problem has to be solved in the "custom formatting" definition.  The developers need to address this asap using the Excel custom number formatting pattern, or Qlik will not be getting much business from Excel users.

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Re: Short number


Thanks for the reply. It does work but i already have a massive nested IF statement. Adding another set of nested IFs would not be the best practice. Any other idea?


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Re: Short number

You get my vote for joke of the day.

No offence, but this tiny thing is not the reason that will keep people using XLS for the wrong reason. If it would, those people clearly have no clue what Qlik has to offer them.

May you live in interesting times!

Re: Short number

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Re: Short number

Thanks, this is very helpful. Has anyone ever tried to code an Excel

custom format such as "#,##0.0,,;[red](#,##0.0,,);-" ? It takes about 10

seconds to write in Excel - it means: 0s displayed as "-", negative

numbers displayed in red font in parentheses, numbers all divided by a

million, one decimal of precision.

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