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Show/Hide expressions Mostrar/ocultar expresiones

Hi, im working at QV10 and i have a pivot table with a lot off expresions that makes it almost unusable for the user. I need a method to show or hide the expression according to the needs of the user in each moment. Its possible to make something like this?

Hola, estoy trabajando en QV10 y tengo una tabla pivotante con muchas expresiones lo que la hace inutilizable para el usuario. Necesito un método para mostrar o esconder las expresiones según las necesidades del usuario en cada momento. ¿Es posible hacer algo así?

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Re: Show/Hide expressions Mostrar/ocultar expresiones

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Re: Show/Hide expressions Mostrar/ocultar expresiones

This is exactly what i was trying to do but the conditional option was added in QlikView 11 so i can´t use it.

Finally i found a usefull solution in this other thread:

How to enable and disable expression of chart by code(macro)?

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