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Show/Hide slider

Hi all,

I have a container in my qlikview document, there are 5 tabs in this container and I have a slider that was linked to one object(chart) in that container, if I select the tab that contains this chart the slider should be visible else I need it to be hidden. how can I do that????

many thanks,


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Re: Show/Hide slider


   There are no action available with container.

   You can use the other approach. i.e. instead of using container, have different buttons to show the charts.

   For example 3 buttons to show 3 charts.

   On every click on 1 button the graph with that name will be shown and other will get hide.

   Use varibales, in conditional show of the chart (Properties->Layout-> show ->conditional.

   like wise you can assign a variable and use that to show your slide when particular chart is shown

   Check the example below.


Kaushik Solanki  

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Re: Show/Hide slider

thank you

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Re: Show/Hide slider

Here is an example, I did yesterday on sheets. I hope it might help you.


Sachin A.

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